Designing a portfolio project

(translated from a Dutch portfolio introduction course for teachers)



Questions which teachers who are planning on making a portfolio project should take into consideration:


  1. For what pedagogical reasons am I planning to use portfolio as a teaching and assessment technique?
  2. Which learning processes or achievements should the portfolio method give evidence to?
  3. Which type of portfolio is appropriate to achieve this/these aim(s)? (See: Portfolio, what is it?)
  4. Which subject/project would contribute to this in a good or sufficient way?
  5. How much time is available? For the pupil/student? For myself?
  6. Could experts, parents or perhaps an audience take part in the evaluation of the project?
  7. Would it be appropriate to integrate the project as an aspect of the yearly report to the student? Could the project even contribute to examination purposes?


If you think this sounds interesting, feel free to fill in the questionnaire below. (You are now starting to design a portfolio project!)



A.    I would like to work with the portfolio method in class              


B.    My choice of subject/project and issues:                 







Justification of my choice:                                






C.    How do I, initially, deal with student participation concerning:


-         Project issues:                                        


-         the dimension of the project:                                


-         the time available:                                        


-         the different levels on which the students learn:                


-         criteria with respect to quality:                        



D.   Should there be opportunities for the students to work together with peers during this process?

-         Should the students work in teams?

-         Should the students somehow collaborate in each others´ projects?

-         Should the students assess each others´ projects? (Peer assessment)


E.    Should the student have the opportunity to talk to the teacher or other experts during the process?


F.     What questions could be appropriate for reviewing, reflecting on, and


evaluating the project? (See: Portfolio, what is it?)     




G.   The teacher´s or the expert`s contribution concerning the evaluation of


the completed portfolio project:                      


H.   Where, when and to whom should the students preferably present their





Ariëlla Krijger, Netherlands