Examples of self-and peer evaluation tools:

Out of the Portfolio work in Flanders (Margareta Van Raemdonck).


1. A learningstyle test, which helps children at the age of 13-14 to discover how they learn.  p. 2-4.  (It’s inspired by http://www.voorelkementor.nl/documenten/leerstijloefeningen.pdf)

In order to make children realize how they learn, tests like this one may help. The test cannot be used for all kinds of purposes, but many children like it, because it is so concrete. Open questions, such as: “How do you learn?” can be difficult for children to answer, if they are not used to thinking about it.


2. Student-to-student of peer evaluations forms. p. 5.


In our portfolio work, we also use peer evaluation forms as they provide good preparation for the self-reflection part. It depends on the talent of the student, whether we ask open or more structured questions.    


3. Help in describing the process of writing a poem – as a means of self-assessment. p.6.


When, after some weeks of writing poems in class 10 , I asked my students to write a self-assessment on the process, it became clear that they did not always know how to do it. Therefore, I formulated a lot of questions, which they could use as a guide.


4. An evaluation form for verbal presentations of portfolio work in the upper school. p. 7-8.


By handing out this form to the students, they did not only get a guide of how to give a qualified evaluation of their classmates’ presentations, they also became aware of what they should focus on in their own presentations.


Another way of teaching them to reflect is to guide a process of reflection on a verbal presentation by asking the class for “tops and tips”. “Tops” are the things that were good and “tips” what could be improved. Gradually, they get better and better at presenting their work and at commenting on each others´ presentations. During this process they start to understand what it takes to make a good presentation. When everybody has finished the presentations, you can make an evaluation form together. The disadvantage of the process is that those who present their work first do not get the same chance to learn from the process as those who present their work later. They will need to get a new chance some other time!


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